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The Best of (Livejournal) Roleplay: 2008 Edition.

Coming Soon to an Awards Ceremony Near You.

RPG Awards.
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We, the mods of thebestof_rp, would like to introduce you to the first annual THE BEST OF LIVEJOURNAL ROLEPLAY: 2008. What is this bullshit, you may ask? Well, we have decided that, as the end of 2008 draws near, LiveJournal needs to celebrate yet another successful year of roleplay games and roleplaying in general. We are holding some sort of awards ceremony here for many different types of categories. Winners of any category will be given a banner crafted by ~Yours Truly~ (and a couple others; we need volunteers!) to be put on their journal or RPG community journal for bragging rights.

Are you interested yet? Yes? Excellent; why don't you have us friended for fresh updates? :) Otherwise, the following information is in regards to the timeline. Might find it useful, we don't know.

The Preparation Process - (01 October to 22 October)

This is the part where we get everything in order; you, the viewer, will be able to help us decide on categories which should be added or removed. Head over this way to help us already! At the end of this month, we will post an official list of award categories in which YOU (or the RPG) may be able to win!

The Nomination Process - (25 October to 30 November)
Every day from October 25th on to the 30th of November (depending on how many different categories we've got), we will be posting a couple categories in which you may, anonymously or not, nominate the subject for the voting process. You may nominate up to two DIFFERENT subjects at a time, and please do not submit the same subjects more than once; that would be cheating. Of course, we have no way of knowing, but if we suspect something is up, your nominations will be voided. Anyway, there will be a form to be filled; comment with the filled form in the post for that category and your cast is in! We will post a different category every day in November around 8PM EST. Can't guarantee it'll always be on time, though. Oh, and you will have 48 hours to cast your nominations FOR EACH CATEGORY.. By the end of the month, we will have the official nominees (which will be the top five picks) for each category in which you can vote for the next month.

The Voting Process - (01 December to 27 December)
The most important step of all! Like the Nomination Process, we will be posting a couple poll/vote submission form every day for each couple of categories. There you may vote for the subject you think is best fit to win the category; you will have 48 hours to cast your vote FOR EACH CATEGORY. As we've mentioned in the second step, We will post a different category every day in November around 8PM EST without any guarantees of ~perfect timing~. This will be continued on until the 27th of December, so remember to have us friended in order to keep yourself updated!

The Awards Ceremony - (01 January to ?)
This is where history is made: we will announce the winners for each category in a single entry. :) Banners will be given out and all. Depending on the demand, however, we may hand out awards in similar fashion to what we have done in the nomination and voting process. Tell us what you think in the suggestion box.

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